Научная статья на тему 'Assessment of psychophysiological status of «Kazakstan temirjoly» transport service personnel'

Assessment of psychophysiological status of «Kazakstan temirjoly» transport service personnel Текст научной статьи по специальности «Науки о здоровье»

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Текст научной работы на тему «Assessment of psychophysiological status of «Kazakstan temirjoly» transport service personnel»

9th multidisciplinary international

Conference of Biological Psychiatry

«Stress and Behavior»

Proceedings of the 9th International Multidisciplinary Conference «Stress and behavior» Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 16-19 May 2005 Editor: Allan V. Kalueff, PhD





A.A. Musina, T.A. Smailov

Karaganda Branch, OJS Medical Service in Transport;

National Center of Labour Hygiene and Occupational Health, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Human activity deals with periodic, sometimes long-lasting and intensive effects (or its expectation) of extreme occupational, social, and ecological factors, often accompanied by negative emotions, overstressing of physiological and mental functions, violation of efficiency and quality of labor process. Psychologic (psychophysiological) analysis of activity in dangerous, harmful responsible professions is becoming a widely recognized task. The purpose of this work was to assess psychophysiological status of Kazakhstan-Temirjoly dispatching servicemen. 44 persons (aged 37—52) were psychologically assessed by a differentiated self-rating of general functional condition, health, activity, mood (HAM). Mental tension and uneasiness status (MT, US) were assessed by Spilberger test. The MT-parameter allowed to evaluate steady personal characteristic of employees, predisposition to uneasiness, and jet disposition (JD).

Results and discussion. Here we show that high operation analysis systems and large information volume processing altered the subjects status. A constant mode of information flows occurrence, fast switching of attention, the fast-track characteristics of functional processes increased HAM parameters. Increased personal and jet uneasiness parameters were also seen. In spite of the fact that the high parameters of activity reduced feeling of external threat in a subjective estimation, personal uneasiness was the factor of severe behavioral disorganization. Frequent psychoemotional tension promoted changes of persons' status, generating uneasiness and poorer decision-taking. High emotional tension reshapes internal experience of negative emotions, increasing personal uneasiness parameters. It was established previously that the level of jet uneasiness has close connection with nature of a transactions, and is expressed in persons whose professional activity is 1) less regulated and 2) dangerous. Increases MT and US suggest that the dispatching service workers experience constant professional stress, and alert is one of the basic emotional stress responses to such excessively high requirements of activity. Notably, high levels of uneasiness were more expressed for persons aged 40—48, suggesting a constant professional alert when reaching certain age. Increase of jet uneasiness indicates high motional tension, potentially due to disintegrated nervous regulation. Thus, our psychophysiological assessment has shown that in conditions of constant solution of non-routine situations in a workstation, in managers, specially women, the increase of self-functional condition rating parameters and uneasiness is observed, leading to somatic distresses and impaired compensatory mechanisms. The long-lasting effect of intense sensomotor information flows alter psychological status of the transport dispatcher personnel.

Psychopharmacol. Biol. Narcol. 2005. Vol. 5, N 2. P. 924

Psyhopharmacology & biological narcology

ISSN 1606-8181

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